Are White Businessmen Paying to Hunt African Children?

On 16 November 2014, a photograph of a grinning white man holding a  gun and standing next to what appeared to be the body of an African male child was posted by a user to Facebook.

The picture, which is too graphic to show was captioned


White men, in Africa do this on the week end killing 100s of little black boys hunting them like rabbits America play a blind eye because they are from isreal, and British ,also America please share if you hate what is going on and want it to stop

According to the poster of the photograph, white businessmen from the countries of the UK, USA, and Israel, frequently take trips to Africa to kill black children for sport.

A popular news outlet was quoted as saying

Police questioned the man from Knysna [South Africa] in 2007 when the picture first surfaced.

Hawks spokesman Colonel McIntosh Polela said that Western Cape police contacted him after reading a Sunday Times report which stated that the photograph featured on the profile of a Facebook user who called himself “Eugene Terrorblanche.”

“I was told that the photograph came to light in 2007 and that it was investigated. The man was taken in for questioning.

“He told police that the child was alive and that he paid the child to pose.”

In September of 2011, the same news outlet was able to determine who the man in the photograph actually was

The Sunday Times can reveal that the man in the picture, holding a rifle while kneeling over the “lifeless” body of a young child is North West farmer and diamond prospector AC Strauss.

Strauss, via his lawyer, refused a request for an interview, but his father, Braam Strauss, told the Sunday Times: “I want the police to find this man who wrote those racist things and used my son’s picture, and send him to jail.”

Strauss said the photograph, taken on his son’s cellphone, was a “joke”.


While the reason for taking the picture was never identified, the child in the photo was determined to be unharmed and completely safe.

Whether or not White businessmen are killing children in Africa remains unknown.

Post Author: Robert Hunt