Passengers On A Greyhound Bus Catch Driver Asleep At The Wheel

A Greyhound bus headed from Phoenix, Arizona to Dallas, Texas faced a mutiny as passengers on board were forced to get rid of the women driving the bus who they say was falling asleep at the wheel.  The passengers on board say that the driver was using tweezers to pinch her own cheeks just to keep herself awake.

There were 60 passengers on board for the 21 hour journey, and on Thursday passengers said that they noticed the bus began to swerve on the road.  The passengers approached the driver who they claimed was repeatedly falling asleep.  They begged her to pull the bus over but the driver refused.

When the passengers had had enough of the terrifying situation they stormed the front of the bus and gave the driver no choice.  The confrontation which can be viewed below was filmed by another passenger.  Despite being yelled at by the horde of angry passengers the female driver continued to drive.

Eventually she stopped the bus after passengers called highway patrol for an escort.  Many passengers said they feared for their lives during the situation.

‘We politely asked her four times to pull over. I got to the point where we saw her going like this (nods head) and just dozing off,’ Jasmine McLellan told CBS.

‘The bus was leaning little and that’s when people started to really worry.”


Post Author: Jessia Suarez