New Jersey Police Officers Suspended Following Harassment Of Pizza Delivery Guy

Police Rage Over Failed Pizza Delivery

Two New Jersey police officers have been suspended and are facing charges after harassing a Dominos pizza delivery driver.  The incident started when a delivery driver attempted to deliver a pizza and the customer did not show up to receive the delivery.  The driver canceled the order and refunded the money, however when he returned to the store he received a phone call and the police showed up.

What happened?

Once the police showed up at the Dominos store, the officers began cursing at the delivery man in the parking lot.  The officers then followed him into the store where they began cursing at him.  They also pulled the man from out of the kitchen towards the direction of a wall.  The driver asked the police to stop cursing at him and they then threatened to arrest him.

Video of the incident:

Post Author: Renee Paxton