A Comprehensive Review Of The MyBlu eCig. YES, it really works.

Three years and twenty days ago I bought my first pack of cigarettes and smoked my first one.  It was an American Spirit dark green pack. Menthol. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, nobody pressured me into it, nobody told me I would be “cool” if I smoked but for whatever reason I craved a cigarette.  I bought the pack and a cheap bic lighter and headed to the nearest park to smoke my first one. I got out of the car and sat on the curb and lit it. Almost immediately after inhaling the smoke I was hooked.  I became a smoker.

As it goes with most new smokers I thought I could control my addiction.  In fact I didn’t even think I was addicted. I didn’t even smoke a pack a day, how could I be addicted? But that only lasted around 3 months.  Before I knew it I was smoking when I woke up, before and after every meal, while I was driving to and from work, and at pretty much every time that I could light up, there I was puffing away on my Cigarette.  This carried on for around 2 years and I didn’t really mind. I enjoyed smoking, I loved going outside on a breezy summer night and smoking my cigarette. Everything seemed more enjoyable with a cigarette. Coffee, sex, alcohol, and even something as simple as the weather.  It all felt ten times better with a cigarette.

But then something changed.  Year three rolled around and I no longer enjoyed it.  I did it because I had to. I smoked a cigarette every 45 minutes because I needed one.  Not because I wanted it. I hated the feeling. I hated the way my jacket and hands always smelled.  My car smelled like an ashtray and even though my wife was understanding of it all, I hated feeling like I had to brush my teeth every time I wanted to kiss her.  I hated walking up a simple flight of stairs and feeling out of breath. I hated how my lungs burned like hell in the morning. It was time to change. Around November of 2017 I set a date.  February 14th 2018 I would quit cigarettes. I figured it would give me some time to enjoy a few more months of my bad habit and by picking the date that I actually started smoking three years ago I felt as though I would be more likely to commit to it.  

February 14th rolled around and I quit. For 7 days.  I used a few pieces of Nicotine gum and a bit of inner strength but I ended up relapsing right as day 7 came around.  I bought a pack of Marlboro Golds, then Winston Reds, and then Winston Golds and then I quit again. It was after this that I decided to head to my local smoke shop and take a look at eCigs.  When I told my buddy at the smoke shop I wanted an eCig he laughed. I was a regular there for almost 2 years and he couldn’t believe it. I told him I was serious and he sold me on the MyBlu eCig with the disposable liquid pods.  I never thought I would be the type of guy to puff away on something that looks like a damn USB flash drive but here I am. I’m not here to tell you smoking is bad, or tell you why you should quit smoking. But I am here to review an inexpensive little device that has changed my life and saved me money.  If you’re looking to quit the cancer sticks, this might be the tool you’ve always been looking for.


Price-  A MyBlu eCig starter kit costs $19.99 here in Arizona.  It comes with a rechargeable battery, micro USB charging cable, and 2 liquid pods of the flavor of your choice.  I was skeptical about the price point at first, thinking it was going to be some cheap device that would break after the first 100 or so puffs but this little device has been resilient and shows no signs of slowing down.  

The blu myblu ecig review to quit smoking

Battery Life- The battery has three different colors that indiciate its current charge status.  When you take a drag from the eCig the light will be blue, indicating it has a full or near full charge.  It will then turn yellow meaning a half charge, and then red, meaning it is almost dead. When the device is charging it will also be red and then turn off once the device is charged.  The battery can last a whole day of heavy usage, but for more cloudy hits I sometimes charge it back to 100% as once it hits yellow it loses a bit of its “hit”. From 100% charge to 0% charge you can usually expect to vape about 1 cartridge. (The equivalent of about 1 pack of smokes)
The battery capacity is 350mAh.

The blu myblu ecig review to quit smoking

Charge Time-  FAST FAST FAST.  This device will charge from 0% to 100% in a little under 20 minutes.

Flavors-  So far I have seen 5 different flavors for the device and have tried all 5 of them.  I’ve included a picture of what the packages look like. You can find them at most gas stations and smoke shops, but be warned it is a pretty new product and most of the clerks don’t seem to even know they have them in stock.  I usually just ask for the “Blu Liquid Pod *flavor name* and then try my best to point to it from behind the counter

  • Gold Leaf (4.8 out of 5)- This is the flavor I first started with and is the closest flavor they have that tastes like a real cigarette.  It’s got a pretty tobacco-y flavor and a really really nice throat hit.
  • Polar Mint (4 out of 5)-  Tastes just like a candy cane and goes down very smooth
  • Vanilla (4 out of 5)-  A nice smooth vanilla flavor, not too strong not too light.  It’s a perfect flavor if you are getting a bit bored of the other ones
  • Magnificent Menthol (3 out of 5)- Although my first cigarette was a Menthol I quickly switched to full flavored regular tobacco after I started smoking.  Menthol was never really my preference. This menthol flavor just tastes…weird. I occasionally enjoyed a Newport from time to time when I smoked but this Menthol just seems to miss the mark for me as far as Menthol flavor goes.
  • Cherry (0.5 out of 5)-  I absolutely hated this flavor.  Imagine vaping a bottle of NyQuil and then you will understand what this flavor tastes like.

Overall- It is not possible to stress enough how thankful I am for this little device.  While I’m still taking in Nicotine on a daily basis I am not inhaling the thousands of deadly chemicals that I once loved.  My lungs feel free of a massive burden. I can breathe so clearly, smell everything in the air, and don’t get me started on food.  My taste buds have returned and it feels like I have discovered a whole new world.

I have not smoked a cigarette in nearly a month.  I have no desire to and have no real inclination to ever go back to smoking. If you are like me and not into the whole “vape scene” and are just looking for a really simple and affordable eCig for everyday use this is absolutely the one you’ve been looking for.


Post Author: Michael Taylor