Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking After Selling 16-Yr-Old Murdered Girl For $250

Sex Trafficker Pleads Guilty

Chicago man Charles McFee has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking charges after he admitted to selling a 16 year old Chicago girl to a pimp in exchange for $250.  McFee states that he was never paid by the alleged pimp, Joseph Hazley.  According to McFee, the pimp claimed that the girl was costing him too much money in clothes, makeup, and gasoline to driver her to meetings with customers.

Girl Killed

The 16 year old teen was found murdered by a “client” in a Chicago home.   McFee took her to see Hazley and watched him create an online ad for the teen.  Hazley then took the teen to a suburban Chicago home for her to have sex with the man who allegedly killed her, Antonio Rosales.  Rosales is currently awaiting trial.


26 year old Charles McFee received a 7.5 year sentence under a plea deal in exchange for testifying against Hazley.  McFee stated he met the girl on Facebook and began a sexual relationship with her.


Post Author: Renee Paxton