LIVE COVERAGE Of Central Michigan University School Shooting

We will be updating this post by the minute with new and emerging details regarding the Central Michigan University School Shooting.

What we know so far-

2 individuals are reported to be dead as a result of the shooting. The gunman is still at large and is reporteded to be an African American man in mustard colored jeans and a blue hoodie.

Update 1- There is unconfirmed speculation that the shooter is headed West on the train tracks and is in the Island Park area downtown.

Update 2- An image has surfaced of the suspected shooter taken from his Twitter.


Update 3- It is currently believed that the Central Michigan University shooting was a targeted attack. NOT a mass shooting.

Update 4- For anyone who is currently on campus at Central Michigan University reading this post, we strongly encourage you to remain in a safe location and lock your doors. Police are encouraging students to take shelter and remain in place until the suspect is found. It is not confirmed yet what his motives are.

Update 5- For those who missed the initial “Two Confirmed Dead In Central Michigan School Shooting” post here is video from a news report about the active situation.

Update 6- It is suspected that James Eric Davis, Jr is the shooter and that he shot and killed both of his parents. More updates to come.

Update 7- The search is still underway with several helicopters in the air searching for the suspect.

Twitter Video->

Update 8- No update as of yet on the situation involving the suspect at large however we want to extend our deepest condolences to the victims and those who had to endure this traumatizing event in real time.

Update 9-  Police say it is not known what clothing the suspect is wearing now, as they have located a number of pieces of clothing along the railroad.  Police are encouraging all residents to stay inside with doors locked.

Update 10- Police say they had contact with the suspect Thursday evening, and he was transported to McClaren Hospital for a drug related incident. He was then released to hospital staff.

Update 11- Police have officially released a photo of the suspect.  If you see this individual call 911 immediately.

Update 12- Central Michigan University police say the campus is still actively locked down. Currently, police agencies are still trying to locate the individual.

Update 13- Central Michigan University Shooter Is Still At Large

Update 14- Police press conference

Update 15-  The Central Michigan University shooting suspect has been found and arrested. 

Post Author: Jessia Suarez