Family Of 4 Found Dead Inside Van In California

A family of 4 were found dead in a parked van in Garden Grove, California on Thursday.  Police say the family was dressed for bed and that the van was parked with its windows concealed with blankets and a shade to block out the light.  Initial reports suggest that the family may have been homeless and was living inside the van.  A man, woman, boy, and girl were all found inside the white van outside a CVS pharmacy on Thursday after a woman reported that there was a awful odor coming from the van.

“They were in pajamas and sleeping gear and it looks like they were all asleep inside the van,” Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney said.

Both children were reportedly under the age of two and were still in diapers.

On Friday the Orange Country Coroners Office was able to confirm the identity of the man inside the van as Phunyouphone Kanyavong, 41.  Police say they believe they know the identities of the others but will not publish their names until they have confirmed the identities through DNA and fingerprint testing.

Garden Grove Police detectives state that they have been able to make contact with the relatives of Kanyavong.  The relatives informed the detectives that they believe the woman and the children that were in the van with Kanyavong are his girlfriend and the couples two children.

Police say that the relatives were aware that the family had been living in the van for sometime but that the father had never sought help.

The family had been dead for at least 2-3 days at the time police arrived on the scene.



Post Author: Clarissa Coleman