Chicago Cop Accused of Sexually Assaulting A Suicidal Man At A Hospital

A police officer in Chicago has been charged with sexually assaulting a suspect who was in police custody the Chicago Tribune reports.

Officer Carlyle Calhoun, 46, was taken into custody on Monday following an internal investigation, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Tribune.  Carlyle was on duty February 3rd when he allegedly sexually assaulted a man that was in his custody at hospital.  On Tuesday Calhoun appeared in bond court on charges of criminal sexual assault and official misconduct.

On February 3rd it is alleged that the 10 year vet of the police force and another officer took the man who was a suspect in a misdemeanor case to the hospital to be treated after he had made suicidal comments.

At some point Calhoun was allegedly alone with the victim, and he began massaging the mans shackled foot and then touching his genitals.  Calhoun then allegedly took a picture of the mans genitals, Assistant State’s Attorney Ahmed Kosoko said to the paper.

When the other officer walked back into the hospital room, Calhoun allegedly walked the suicidal man to the bathroom where he once again sexually assaulted him and took another photo.

Kosoko has said that he immediately told the hospital employees about the assault and that DNA swabs and pictures on Calhoun’s cellular device were consistent with the story.

Calhoun has currently been relieved of his police powers and has been placed on desk duty.


Post Author: Jessia Suarez