California Coffee Shops Will Now Have To Include A Cancer Warning With All Coffee Sold

California Cancer Warnings On Coffee

A California judge has ruled that all coffee sold in California will now be required to come with a cancer warning.

Coffee sold at all coffee shops big and small will now be required to include a label on their cups.  The cups will contain a warning label similar to cigarettes that informs the customer that they may be ingesting cancerous chemicals.

What Chemicals?!?

Coffee contains the chemical acrylamide, which is a carcinogen that is produced when the coffee beans are roasted.  The carcinogen appears on a list of chemicals that the state of California considers to be possible causes of cancer.


In 2010 a nonprofit group filed a lawsuit against coffee retailers, distributors, and roasters.  The lawsuit stated that these outlets “fail to provide a clear and reasonable warning” to coffee consumers that they could be exposed to the chemical acrylamide.

Superior court judge Elihu Berle stated in his decision on Wednesday that Starbucks and other coffee companies failed to prove that the threat from acrylamide in their coffee was insignificant.

Post Author: Renee Paxton