Bat Wielding Sisters Beat Florida Woman In Road Rage Incident

A Florida woman was severely beaten with a baseball bat when two sisters chased her into a strip mall after a road rage incident occurred.

Mikaela Barboza captured video of the incident on her cellphone and is hoping that it will help police catch the two women who brutally assaulted her on Thursday.

Barboza, 26, was driving down US 441 near Lauderdale Lakes when she cut someone off on the road.  The sister of the woman she cut off was apparently in a separate vehicle and began yelling at Barboza through a rolled down window.

“You cut my sister off, that’s disrespectful,” Is what the woman said according to Barboza when she spoke with WSVN on Sunday.

Barboza said that the siblings did not stop there.  The woman she cut off started chasing her in her vehicle and allegedly began yelling derogatory remarks.  Barboza feared for her life as she pulled into a strip mall, hoping that she would lose the siblings, however they ended up finding her the strip mall parking lot.

“Her sister actually blocked me in, and the other sister blocked me from behind,” Barboza recalled. “I had nowhere to go.”

Barboza then got out of the car and began recording the two sisters as they continued to yell at her.  That is when things took a dark turn and one of the sisters grabbed a wooden bat and began hitting Barboza on the head.

“After I got hit the first time], I just grabbed her and we started wrestling on the floor, so I got the bat away from her,” Barboza said.

A witness then allegedly grabbed the bat from the sisters and called the authorities

Barboza was taken to a hospital and treated for a broken nose and large gash in her head.

“Five stitches on the top and two inside,” Barboza said. “I got seven staples in the back of my head from where the other sister was hitting me in the back.”

“I’m just happy to be here; I’m happy to be alive and not brain dead or anything like that, Cause I know it could have been a lot worse.”



Post Author: Renee Paxton