Amazon’s “Echo” Had Been Laughing At Inappropriate Times

Genuine malfunction?  Or the start of a dystopian horror film plot beginning to unfold…

Amazon’s AI device the “Echo” has recently been reported to be laughing at its users at extremely inappropriate times and is often times unprompted to do so.  Many users have stated that they have NEVER heard the device laugh like this before and in a panic decided to remove their Echo units from their homes completely.

Amazon has reportedly acknowledged the malfunction and is working on a fix, stating “the device has not become self aware”

One Tweet we saw about the incident which has since been deleted stated something along the lines of:

“We were having a confidential business related conversation in the conference room and all of the sudden unprompted our Echo did an evil laugh.  We threw it in the dumpster”

While the trend of personal AI assistants like the Echo, Alexa, and Google Home has taken off recently, perhaps this “malfunction” will serve as a wake-up call to the millions of people who have voluntarily placed a device that is listening 24/7 into their homes and places of business.



Post Author: Robert Hunt