55 Year Old Frenchman Climbs 587-Foot Building In Just 30 Minutes

The 55 year old Frenchman known as “The French Spider-Man” is making the news once again for scaling a 587 foot skyscraper is Paris, France.  Robert Alain was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, just after scaling the massive Total Tower office building in only 30 minutes. According to police, the event took place following an attempt to ascend a different high-rise in the same district previously that same morning.

A passion that started at 11 years old has guided Robert on a journey to more than 150 skyscrapers around the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and the worlds tallest building the Burj Khalifa in Dubai,

“For me, climbing is a passion, it’s a way of life” Alain said.

Before Wednesday’s climb of the Total Tower, Robert had completed the same climb twice in the past.  Using nothing but climbing shoes and chalk, Robert latched himself onto window ledges to lift himself up the towers 48 floors.  Office workers cheered in amazement as Robert passed each floor of the tower.

Robert often times climbs without permission and has been arrested on several different occasions for his climbs.  In 2008 he scaled the New York Times building to set up a banner on global warming and was consequently arrested by the police.

The “French Spider-Man” see’s no end in sight for his adventures.

“As long as I have the physical strength to scale heights, I will continue to climb,” he said.

french spiderman climbs tower in france french spiderman climbs tower in france

Post Author: Robert Hunt